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Dunia Barrera- (b. Madrid, 1979) is a conceptual artist, currently living and working in Munich, Germany. Barrera comes from an analog photography background, with her work having been exhibited in a solo exhibition at Photo España in 2002. Now focused on the medium of collage and assemblage, her work has been exhibited at the Carriage Barn Arts Center, at Silvermine Galleries both in New Canaan, CT, in the United States and at the Industrie Museum in Gent, Belgium, among others. She has been featured by Contemporary Collage Magazine and in the publications of Fragmented Collective and Kolaj Magazine Artist’s Tradings Cards.

Her work is in the collections of the Anthropology Museum of Madrid, the Subway System of Madrid and the Museum Cristobal Gabarron in Valladolid.

Artist Statement

My work is directed by concepts and ideas such as gender roles, dynamics of power and control and the complexity of the human being. I do this by exploring how objects can help us understand the deeper complexity of people’s experiences. My work expresses in different mediums, it all depends on what the idea needs to be. I am interested in how men see women and women see men. I like to create space to express the full complexity of their humanity and allow them to express it. Likewise, I bring an idea into different substrates such as objects, papers, textiles depending on what it needs. Many of my works show men, as I think it is important to acknowledge their complexity too because only so and in conjunction with works showing women we will make the whole spectrum complete.  

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