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Poetry of perception

Poetry of perception is a body of work that deals on how we perceive others and what we believe to be the truth. These pieces show extract of images displaying symbols such as status objects, words, social roles, people, emotions… We don’t see the whole image. This is an invitation to reflect on how we think of others. The narratives we tell ourselves and that we fiercely believe. How we perceive others is more about what we already know than what we see. The human being is complex and there are more sides to a person that we can possibly know. I arrange these individual elements together based on a universal story. This allows me to give some context and to create a new interpretation. If we were to break these structures and arrange them in other combinations, we will tell ourselves another story, another narrative. We are constantly adding meaning. There is the poetry of our perception, to reflect on what we tell ourselves about the others and challenge it.


“Under this mask is another mask. I will never finish lifting these faces” Claude Cahun

On layers

The symbolism with the posters on the streets is what attracted me to use these materials. We can see how they get pasted one of top of each other every time there is a new one. The most current is on top, but below we can appreciate there were others. Peeling off the layers I can see what was below, just as when we get to know someone, slowly we get to “see” more. They all work together, shaping us, making us what we are.


This project is based on the card game from the Eames Office from 1952, House of Cards. I explore here by collaging the plain cards the interactions between the images and the meanings produced. The possibilities of the final construction are unlimited as they form a flexible construction due to the six notches

State of mind

“State of Mind” is a series of collages on wood panels. These panels are cut in 45 degrees angles that allow us to see two different images depending on where we  are looking from.

I wanted to work on the concept of perspective as a decisive move that produces one meaning and challenge it.


Dictionary is a series based on common words and an interpretation of its meaning. What if somebody, without knowledge of what a word is, of its meaning, asks about it? How would we answer them? And, can we interchange these words to find meaning in other images?

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